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I Am A Woman - I Am Me


A  compassionate, gentle spirit, born far too early in an era overcoming WWII.

She found it difficult to relate to the conformity of the society of her up-bringing, coming from what was then termed 'old money' and brought up as an upper class individual with decorum, dignity and integrity. And having to converse to the family in four different languages, (English, Afrikaans, High Dutch and French); as well as a stern Nanny who only spoke Zulu, possibly gave her the gift and love of languages.

At the early age of three years it was discovered that she possessed natural talents and gifts; able to draw, write and make crafts, with a wisdom far beyond that of a normal child of her age.

The local Africans of the then Provinces of the Orange Free State and Natal would ask if they could ‘borrow’ this Child of The Universe, in order to help them hunt for the tubers and plants needed for the making of Natural Herbal Medicines.They loved this strange auburn titianed haired 'fairy' child with her huge dark red-mahogany eyes ringed with a grey halo. Who seemed to know exactly what was needed even before it was asked for.

Starting school at the very tender age of Four Years, her first illustrated poem for English Literature, was called “Snow” depicting a Mountain and the Sea with snowflakes drifting gently down. (Written when in Standard One at the age of 6 years!)

Unfortunately the original art work has long gone, but the words still linger.

What made this more remarkable is the fact that as a child she had never seen snow nor a Mountain with the Sea in the foreground.


The snow was falling

All around

On the sea

And on the ground

Like soft white petals

Covered the land

As the Angel

Held out her helping hand

To let the land

And to let the sea

Be cloaked in sleep

With you and me

Written by Felcity-Ann Goosen

(now McInnes)

© 1949

All work is original – no two items are the same. People place a specific order saying to her - "I want a fairy" , or angels etc and with a few questions asked she is able to get the 'spirit' of the person requesting an item, completing the work with passion and love.

Requests for her work can be ordered on-line through eMail or by phoning her direct.


I am the breath of the Universe
I am one within you
I am the whisper of a yesterday
The sigh of this today
The promise of a tomorrow
I am the peace of life
I am your being

Felicity-Ann McInnes
© 1977


CONGRATULATIONS to the following poets who will be featured in the first volume of the Uni-Verse-Al series:

LINDOKUHLE "Da Wordplaymind" NKOSI
THOBEKA "Crypted-Sage Immortal" KENENE

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