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I love writing for children!

Welcome to FelicAn Books.

Hello! My name is Felicity and I love living in the world of children and seeing the world through their eyes.

How easy it is to forget that we too once were children and that children are but that just that, children, living in a very cruel and rat-race techno world of video games, cell phones and of course the internet.

But yet Fairies, Pixies, Angels and Elves still do exist; even if (as some believe) in the imagination. And yes there is still Star Dust and Angels Tears and Leopards without stripes, Unicorns and Mermaids.

And sometimes a child needs to be able to express and just lose themselves in the world of fantasy and imagination.

The need to be guided with firmness, but that of love is all that is needed to ensure a child develops into a well-balanced responsible adult. The word NO can be more of a life-saver than all the Yes’s for the sake of peace!

... I Believe In Angels ...

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  • Reading is Cool
  • Reading develops character
  • Reading increases intellect
  • Reading connects the world and its diverse people together
  • Reading draws a circle of friendship around people
  • Reading bonds a family  together
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